2021 promotions

Jan 30, 2021

Early Registration

If you register until 12/31/2020 you can access the registration bonus in a 25% in the races.

Family Benefits

  • Siblings of students: 20% bonus in enrollment and fees to the second brother.
  • Couples or couples who can prove the link with the coexistence act: 20% bonus in enrollment and fees for the second registered.

Agreement benefits

  • 20% bonus in enrollment and fees for employees or family members of an employee of Diagnosis Medico SA.

Exclusive benefits for FADEI students and graduates

  • Bonus of the 50% in enrollment in the registration to the races of relatives of FADEI Graduates.
  • Graduates FADEI 20% in enrollment and fees in the Techniques.
  • In the 100% bonus postgraduate courses on enrollment.
  • Postgraduate courses: If you are a student, a bonus is 100% on enrollment, if you bring a friend, you get 10% on the course fee while your friend is enrolled.

International students

If you registered with a Passport in the specialization courses, find out about bonuses in your case.

Profit with  Santander Rio Bank

As a Teacher and Student of our institution you will have access to a free account and exclusive benefits with Banco Santander.